Disclaimer Policy

This is to inform customers, clients, potential clients, website visitors and public at large that certain Company/organization has dishonestly and fraudulently without our consent, authority and permission, has used / has been using on their official website, following credentials viz. email id – hr@reverso.in, mobile no. +91 88066 91546/ 020 (29529426) and the name of our sister concern – MR Pest Buster& Bloofield Management Services LLP belonging to our organization and our sister concern, thereby posing to be associated or connected with us and our business.

We hereby bring to the notice of the Public at large that we are in no manner whatsoever connected and/or related to any such organization. The public at large is cautioned/alerted against such dishonest misrepresentation made by any Company/Organization projecting its association with us by making unauthorized use of our business credentials and are requested to bring to our notice instances of such illegal acts and inducement. We are taking appropriate steps against such unscrupulous organization/elements to protect such abusive use.

We shall not be responsible for any injury, harm, damages, claims be monetary or otherwise to any person, customer, client, potential clients, website visitors and public at large caused due to such dishonest misrepresentation. However, any injuries, damages, claims arise against us due to such dishonest misrepresentation then in such events we reserve rights to initiate appropriate legal actions both civil and criminal, against such damages, claims etc. at the appropriate forum.